Our students come to us from many backgrounds and all walks of life. The different entry schemes we offer at UNSW Medicine ensures the brightest minds have the opportunity to study with us. 

The Gateway Entry Scheme at UNSW Medicine is an alternate entry stream into the Bachelor of Medical Studies (BMed)/ Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree program for applicants that come from low socio-economic status backgrounds. 

To be eligible for this entry scheme, you must: 

  1. Be a domestic applicant. 
  2. Attend a UNSW Gateway partner school for at least Year 11 and Year 12. 
  3. Live at an address identified by the Australian Bureau of Statistics as being within the lowest 25% of socio-economic disadvantage in Australia. 
  4. Be in Year 12 or have completed Year 12 in the previous year and not commenced any undergraduate study. 

You can download a list of all UNSW Gateway partner schools on the UNSW Gateway website.

We share the details of applicants who apply under the Gateway Entry Scheme with UNSW Access & Equity, who can provide additional support to applicants. You can learn more at UNSW Equity Diversity & Inclusion

Applicants applying under the Gateway Entry Scheme may also be eligible for scholarships. To find out more about potential scholarships, visit UNSW Scholarships

To find out more about selection under this scheme, you can visit our Selection for Offer information. 

Application Process 

We recommend applicants apply with UAC before submitting their UNSW Medicine application or applying to sit the UCAT ANZ. Applicants are advised of whether they meet the address criteria for the Gateway Entry scheme within 24 hours of lodging their application with the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC).

Applications submitted under this scheme that don’t meet the criteria will be informed and automatically changed to a standard local/rural applicant. 

To apply through the Gateway Entry Scheme, follow the Application Process. When you submit your application through the Medicine Application Portal (MAP), please select “Gateway Entry Scheme applicant” as your applicant type (in the "Education" tab).

Selection for Interview

Gateway Entry Scheme applicants must meet the following minimum requirements to be considered for an interview: 

  1. 87.00 raw ATAR and 91.00 selection rank (ATAR plus EAS equity adjustment factors) 
  2. UCAT ANZ 50th overall percentile 

You’ll be assessed on a combination of the above metrics. You can learn more about how applicants are ranked and selected for interviews in our Selection for Interview information. 

Selection for Offer

Places to study at UNSW Medicine through the Gateway Entry Scheme are offered based on academic merit, UCAT ANZ overall score and the interview outcome. 

We use the same selection algorithm as we use for standard local applicants to combine these measures. Applicants are ranked separately to local/rural applicants and we make up to 10 offers through this scheme. Depending on availability, these offers are bonded and unbonded. 

UNSW Medicine’s Lateral Entry Scheme is a graduate-entry stream into the Bachelor of Medical Studies (BMed)/ Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree program. This entry scheme is only for domestic UNSW Bachelor of Medical Science students. 

If you’re a Bachelor of Medical Science student at UNSW, you can apply in your second year of study. If your application is successful, you’ll be required to complete the Bachelor of Medical Science then undertake a Science Honours year before entry into the Doctor of Medicine component of the degree program.  

You can learn more about eligibility criteria, application processes and further details through our Lateral Entry Scheme fact sheet.

If you’ve lived in a defined rural location in Australia for a significant amount of time, you can apply to UNSW Medicine through the Rural Entry Scheme. Applicants must choose one entry pathway. It’s not possible to apply through both the Rural Entry Scheme and standard local application.  

Applicants who have lived in a rural location outside of Australia aren’t eligible for this scheme.  

For more information on the Rural Entry Scheme, visit the UNSW Rural Clinical School

If you’re an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander applicant, you can apply through UNSW’s Indigenous Entry Scheme. Applicants either apply through the Indigenous, Local or Rural entry pathways, only one entry pathway can be used. 

More information about the Indigenous Entry Scheme is available at UNSW Rural Clinical School Indigenous Entry. 

Domestic Applicants from Australian Medical Schools

If you’re a domestic student who is studying or has studied at an Australian medical school, you’re not able to apply as a commencing student. 

We accept applications for transfers from students who have extenuating circumstances. If you’re required to move to Sydney for special circumstances that arise after you accepted the offer and began studying at another medical school, you may be eligible for a transfer to UNSW Medicine. 

When we review transfer applications, we’ll consider your circumstances as well as academic merit. Applications for transfers must be supported by a letter from the Dean of your current or previous medical school. The transfer will only be possible if we have Commonwealth Support place available.

Approved Transfers

UNSW Medicine will determine the starting point for transfer students on an individual basis.  

Early in the Degree Program 

Students who request a transfer within the first two years of study won’t receive credit for prior learning. You’ll be required to commence Phase 1.  

Middle of the Degree Program 

Students who have completed two years of study in either an undergraduate or postgraduate degree program need to undertake and complete Phase 2 clinical courses in Year 3 to be awarded the Bachelor of Medical Studies.  

Late in the Degree Program 

Students who request a transfer into Phase 3 will need to complete a Bachelor degree in a related discipline such as a Bachelor of Medical Sciences. These students are also required to complete an Independent Learning Project (ILP).  

 Application Process

  1. You should discuss your request for a compassionate transfer with your current or previous medical school before applying with UNSW Medicine. 
  2. Submit an application on the Medicine Application Portal (MAP) before the cut-off date. Application deadlines are listed on Important Dates. Late applications will not be considered. 
  3. The application form requires you to upload the following supporting documentation:
    • A statement from you outlining your extenuating circumstances and the reason for transfer
    • A letter from the Dean of your current or previous medical school
    • Your academic transcript
    • Any other supporting documentation 
  4. Submit an application with Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) before the cut-off date. 
  5. You’ll be informed about your application outcome in December.

Please note that you will not be required to sit UCAT ANZ.

Domestic Applicants from Overseas Medical Schools

If you’re a domestic student who is studying or has studied at a medical school abroad, you’re eligible to apply to study at UNSW Medicine. You’ll need to apply as a commencing student. We don’t accept applications for transfer from overseas medical schools. Credit for previous studies undertaken abroad cannot be provided, except for applicable 12uoc General Education courses.