Start your journey to a medical career studying an undergraduate degree/program at UNSW Medicine.

The Undergraduate Medicine program will prepare you with the skills and experience to be a professional and innovative clinician.

The Exercise Physiology program will prepare you to play a vital role in the prevention and management of chronic diseases and injury.

The Bachelor of International Public Health will prepare you with the knowledge and skill to create global change to improving crucial part in the health and wellbeing of communities.  


Continue to expand your medical knowledge studying a postgraduate degree/program at UNSW Medicine.  

Our UNSW Medicine Masters degree, Graduate Diploma and Graduate Certificate coursework offer a deep dive into specialty subjects if you would like to explore new career opportunities.   

UNSW Medicine offers programs in Forensic Mental Health, Health Data Science, Pharmaceutical Medicine, Public Health and Community Medicine, and Women’s and Children’s Health.  

Research degrees are also offered through Schools and affiliated institutes.  


Join UNSW Medicine researchers in understanding and solving society’s biggest healthcare challenges.

Work with our leading educators, academics and researchers multidisciplinary medical research programs;to generate high impact findings that can be translated to improving delivery of modern healthcare.

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