Postgraduate Degree Options

See where a postgraduate degree at UNSW Medicine can take you. View our range of graduate certificates and graduate diplomas that are offered in our specialised areas of Medicine from Forensic Mental Health to Health Data Science and much more.

Forensic mental health involves the study of mental health with criminal behaviour in order to assess and treat people who are at risk of criminal offending.

Using big data, machine learning and data mining, health data science works to improve diagnosis and health outcomes with new knowledge gained through information wrangling and management.

Reproductive medicine is at the forefront of medico-scientific technology, offering hope and clinical support to many people trying to have a child. There is a growing number of practitioners who are specialising in this area.

Women’s health medicine is an expanding and diverse field of practice that charcaterises contemporary women’s health and covers sexual and reproductive care at all ages, including pregnancy care.