Research Opportunities for Current & Future Students

UNSW Medicine is renowned for the quality of our facilities, networks and research centres.

Higher degree research students at UNSW Medicine not only benefit from being able to learn alongside globally recognised researchers, but also from being part of a Faculty ranked among the world’s top 50.

UNSW offers various Graduate Research Scholarships Schemes to both Domestic and International Higher Degree Research candidates.

Find your prospective supervisor, research project or research group by searching UNSW Sydney Researcher Profiles.

Resources for UNSW Researchers

Excellent initiatives and infrastructure are available for researchers in UNSW Medicine.

UNSW Medicine is comprised of world class research facilities that consist of an extensive array of high value equipment, and purpose built architecturally designed infrastructure. These facilities are managed, maintained and supported by a centralised team – Medicine Research Infrastructure and Operational Services (MEDRIOS)

UNSW Medicine Research provides a range of initiatives and opportunities to support research including workshops, grant peer-review, secondment/exchange programs and networking support.

Access comprehensive support, resources and advice from the Division of Research.