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Our Research Themes include Cancer; Neuroscience, Mental Health and Addiction; Infectious Disease, Immunity and Inflammation; and Cardiac, Vascular and Metabolic Medicine. With an inclusive approach that promotes collaboration between academics and clinicians, our research themes deliver real-world impact. Learn more about our research innovation.

Our world-leading cancer researchers are making breakthroughs into one of the greatest health challenges of our time. Our vision is to unite cancer research into a globally-leading partnership to deliver continuing evidence-based practice in diagnosis, intervention and support.

Our researchers study every aspect of infectious disease, from biology and pathology to epidemiological studies, clinical trials, economic and population health. We make significant global contributions through broad, multidisciplinary and multinational collaborations.

The vision of our Neuroscience, Mental Health and Addiction research theme is to build communities free from the burden of disorders of the brain for better health and better lives.

Heart disease and stroke, together with complications from kidney disease and diabetes, account for 20 million deaths globally each year and are, collectively, the major cause of death and disability in Australia. UNSW Medicine and affiliated Research Institutes, hospitals and Local Health Districts have a long-standing track record of excellence in cardiovascular and metabolic research. To thus directly address this significant burden of disease within Australia and beyond, UNSW Medicine recently established the Cardiac, Vascular and Metabolic Medicine research theme, with an official launch and detailed information anticipated by end of 2020.

Our Growing Capacities

The work and impact of our research themes are supported by our investment in a range of critical enabling capabilities, special populations and clinical settings. These ‘cross-cutting’ areas bolster the research themes by interlinking and enhancing them. Growing these capacities allows us to build scale and develop research capability to achieve the core UNSW Medicine objective - delivering research excellence to improve the quality of life for all.

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A researcher from UNSW Microbiome Centre

Our Research Centres & Institutes 

Our research centres and institutes are internationally recognised for their high-impact research into the world’s most pressing health challenges. These include understanding and responding to newly emerged diseases, delivery of the latest cancer treatments and designing approaches to streamline our increasingly complex healthcare system.

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Our most successful activities are undertaken in partnership with UNSW facilities, other universities, independent medical research institutes and state and federal healthcare and health service providers.

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