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Our research helps shape public health interventions and policies. We focus on where we can make a difference and respond quickly in a dynamic world where new priorities emerge at any moment. This is what differentiates and inspires us.

Innovation for Impact

Our Health 25 Strategy sets a course to pursue our ambitions of improving quality of life for all by tackling the complex and important health challenges our society will face in coming years.

Our research themes are designed to deliver meaningful impact—they are areas where we excel in advancing medicine and health, not only eliminating health disparities but also fostering social wellbeing. We make a difference in everyday lives affected by:

At UNSW Medicine & Health, we pride ourselves on our innovative and inclusive approach to research. We collaborate widely within and beyond our themes by partnering with other researchers, institutions, clinicians, and patient communities both inside and outside the Faculty.

We're working on improving treatments for ovarian cancer patients; guiding the most effective and equitable responses to COVID-19; supporting people with intellectual disability to enjoy the highest attainable standard of health and wellbeing; finding new therapies for cardiovascular disease, and much more.

Our research benefits people at all stages of their cancer experience—from prevention through to treatment, with survivorship support, and palliation. We focus on improving the outcome of high mortality ‘wicked’ cancers, where the responses to current medicine and procedures are yet to change. Our vision is to improve the lives of all people impacted by cancer by delivering evidence-based practice in diagnosis, intervention, and support.

Our research improves the interventions and treatments of disease and infection. We cover every aspect of research from fundamental biology and pathology to epidemiological studies and population health. We conduct lab investigations and follow these all the way through to clinical trials. Our vision is for a world where human health is enriched by controlling infection, enhancing immunity and managing inflammation.

Our research prevents, treats, and cures brain and nerve disorders. We improve mental health and addiction outcomes through our care for, and strong relationships with, patient communities. We work towards our vision for better health and better lives by building communities free from the burden of brain disorders.

Our research seeks a deeper understanding, early detection, and prevention of cardiovascular diseases and metabolic syndromes. Heart disease and stroke, together with complications from kidney disease and diabetes, are, collectively, the major cause of death and disability in Australia. Our vision is to ease the significant burden of cardiovascular diseases and metabolic syndromes within Australia and beyond.

Our Growing Capacities

We invest in a suite of critical technologies, special populations, and clinical settings to support the outcomes and impact of our research. Our investments cut across our research themes with the philosophy of interlinking our research to further enhance it. Growing our capacities allows us to build scale and develop the research capability to achieve our core UNSW Medicine & Health objective: to achieve and deliver research excellence that improves the quality of life for all.

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A researcher from UNSW Microbiome Centre

Our Research Centres & Institutes 

Our UNSW Medicine & Health research centres and institutes are internationally recognised for their high-impact research into the world’s most pressing health challenges. These include understanding and responding to newly emerged diseases, delivering the latest cancer treatments, and designing approaches to streamline our increasingly complex healthcare system.

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Our most successful activities are undertaken in partnership not only within UNSW but with other universities, independent medical research institutes, state and federal healthcare and health service providers, and patient communities. We are determined to forge partnerships with key stakeholders to ensure better health for all.

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