Frederic von Wegner

Senior Lecturer


2020: DFG (German Research Foundation), "Objective EEG bed side assessment of impaired consciousness in epilepsy", Kiel, Germany (Co-investigator)

2020: UNSW NHMA Seed Funding, (Associate Investigator)

2019: NHRMC Ideas Grant: "Cochlear purinergic adaptation as a biomarker for vulnerability to noise-induced hearing loss" (APP1188643, Associate Investigator)

2018-2021: Center for Personalized Translational Epilepsy Research (CePTER), Frankfurt am Main, Germany, subproject leader: biomarkers of epileptogenesis



Muscle Physiology (PHSL2101, PHSL2121, PHSL2501)

Muscle and Motor Control (NEUR3101), Co-convenor

Ageing & Endings (MFAC1526)