Working Together to Improve Medical Education & Research

At UNSW Medicine, we work together to create significant advances in health through research and education, especially for individuals and communities with the greatest need. By working with the best teachers and researchers, inside and outside UNSW, we’re committed to training our students to become leaders in healthcare. 

Our faculty is underpinned by original thinking, diversity, collegiality, building new connections in research and education through our many networks and affiliated organisations. The Conjoint titles UNSW Medicine confers are a formal acknowledgment of our many talented supporters who partake in the continuous improvement of our students and faculty through teaching and research. 

A conferred Conjoint titleholder has the opportunity to shape the medical education of our students in many ways. Conjoints may work with us in a teaching capacity through student assessment and examination, student mentoring, teaching contributions. We also confer Conjoint titles to those who support the faculty through active research collaboration, higher degree research supervision and research grant success.   

Our Conjoints enter into a mutually beneficial relationship with UNSW Medicine. When you become a conjoint, through your tangible contributions in teaching and research, you’re recognised as part of the UNSW academic community. A Conjoint title can be attached to a School, Clinical School, Centre or Research Institute within the UNSW Medical Faculty. Conjoint titles are based on merit and are valid for a specific period.  

We take our affiliation with conferred Conjoint titleholders very seriously, through your conferred title you’re representing UNSW Medicine in the community. It’s important as a current or potential Conjoint titleholder affiliated with UNSW Medicine that you read The Standard and The Procedures to ensure you comply with requirements and understand the nature of the affiliation. 

If you have any questions, we’re here to help. Your first contact should be with your current or desired School, Centre, or Institute and we can assist you from there. 

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