Medicine & Health Strategy 2021-2025

Medicine has the power to transform lives; the extraordinary potential to have a positive, lasting impact on the health and wellbeing of people throughout the world.

Health 25 sets a course for UNSW Medicine & Health to pursue our ambitions of improving quality of life for all by tackling the complex and important health challenges our society will face in coming years. Our strategy’s great strength is its unyielding focus on people, exemplified in the strategic priority areas of Education, Research, Partnerships and People.

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Health 25 Strategy

Message from the Dean

By working together, we can dramatically improve the health of our community and people around the world. This strategy provides a roadmap as to how we can best achieve this for decades to come.

Health 25 is our five year plan that speaks to our key tools to improve health: firstly our people, who are our Faculty and are central to everything we can do; secondly, our role as a place of learning for students, that has a profound impact on the health of our community and people around the world; thirdly, our research which will show us how to best improve health; and fourthly our partnerships, which magnify our impact.

Our strategy seeks to articulate our identity and our principles as well as our goals. And speak to what makes UNSW unique and important. Through our history, we can build strength, and our Aboriginal heritage is another aspect of who we are that we seek to embrace, grow and celebrate through this strategy. By involving our people at every stage, we have aimed to create a plan that is relevant to all of our people, and where each person in the Faculty can see themselves and their role.



Professor Vlado Perkovic  
Dean, UNSW Medicine & Health