Dementia in the workforce: the ageing issue we're not prepared to deal with

Date Published: 
9 Jun 2015
Image - Dementia in the workforce: the ageing issue we're not prepared to deal with

OPINION: Sensibly, everyone seems to be planning for an ageing Australia. However, no one is mentioning the elephant in the room.

New tool to help detect financial abuse of older Australians

Date Published: 
12 Feb 2015
Image - New tool to help detect financial abuse of older Australians

A simple online tool to help bank staff combat rising financial abuse of vulnerable people has been developed, thanks to UNSW support.

Better future for Australians with Alzheimer's

Date Published: 
27 Nov 2013
Clock - time for change

A panel of experts in the field of dementia care have called for an urgent national approach to the diagnosis and care of people with dementia given the critical shortage in Australia's dementia care workforce, following the finding of a new report launched on 12 November 2013 at the Aged and Com

$37 million for health research

Date Published: 
24 Oct 2013
image - Newsroom6953 24 NHMRC 0

UNSW has received $37 million in the latest round of funding from the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC).

Prime Minister Tony Abbott yesterday announced more than $559 million for 963 grants to health and medical researchers across Australia.

Is the incidence of dementia declining?

Date Published: 
4 Oct 2013
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OPINION: It’s rare to hear good news about dementia, so two recent reports showing it may be becoming less common created a fair amount of excitement.

Reducing dementia drug risk

Date Published: 
26 Jun 2013
image - 26 Elderly Hand CROPPED 0 0

The over-prescription of antipsychotic medication to people with dementia in care will be targeted in a new million-dollar research project led by UNSW researchers.

Exercise your mind

Date Published: 
12 Apr 2013
image - Newsroom6031 Healthy Brain Cropped

Most of us take our brains for granted – until, that is, we slowly start to drift towards forgetfulness.

Cognitive decline ‘reversed’ in one in four people

Date Published: 
28 Mar 2013
image - Newsroom5975 MCI Revert Cropped


One in four elderly people with mild cognitive impairment – a precursor to dementia – naturally ‘reverts’ to normal cognition, research from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) shows.

Younger onset dementia and memory disorders on the rise

Date Published: 
28 Nov 2012
image - Newsroom5634 Younger Dementia Pencil 0

Younger people are increasingly being diagnosed with dementia and Sydney researchers are undertaking the first known Australian study to investigate the rise.

Younger onset dementia is defined as dementia with symptom onset before the age of 65 years.

Promoting healthy brain ageing

Date Published: 
22 Oct 2012
image - Newsroom5501 IStock 000001075065 Small

The Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing has been launched at the University of New South Wales to help tackle an illness that affects 300,000 people in Australia and is the nation’s third leading cause of death, dementia.

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