Local applicants

For local and rural students, there are two entry categories available.


Unbonded Medical Places
(135 places)


Unbonded Medical Places are available to Australian citizen, Australian permanent residents and New Zealand citizens.


This is the 'standard' entry category. These places have no bonding or scholarships attached to them.


Bonded Medical Places
(54 places)


Places under the Bonded Medical Places (BMP) Scheme are only available to Australian citizens and Australian permanent residents.


Applicants who accept a place in this category will be bonded to areas of workforce shortage. They will be required to work  for 1 year in an area of workforce shortage for their chosen speciality once they have qualified as a medical specialist or general practitioner. They will apply for a position after completion of the UNSW Medicine Program and specialty training (postgraduate) studies. The Australian Government has indicated that outer metropolitan and rural areas are the likely locations for the one year of bonded work.

Visit the Department of Health BMP Scheme website for further information.




Please note:

  • Applicants select the type of place they would like to apply for when completing the UNSW Medicine Application Form.

  • As there are separate quotas for each category, applicants maximise their chance of being offered a place in the UNSW Medicine program by being prepared to accept a place in either categories. However, it is important that applicants do not enter a preference for a category in which they have no intention of accepting a place.

  • Applicants who accept a bonded medical place will automatically be considered for an unbonded place should one become available. This 'upgrade' will be announced after the Semester 1 census day (31 March). This process is an internal process and upgraded students will be informed by email. As a guide, each year we upgrade up to 10 bonded students.

  • The Commonwealth Government's Medical Rural Bonded Scholarship (MRBS) Scheme is now closed to new entrants. Visit the Department of Health MRBS Scheme website for further information.