Volunteer Simulated Patient Program

The Volunteer Simulated Patient (SP) Program is an initiative developed by UNSW Medicine which helps develop our junior students into leading doctors of the future.

Should you choose to be involved in the program, you will work with junior medical students in our purpose built Clinical Skills Centre (CSC). The focus of interactions is to develop students' communication skills. This includes their ability to initiate and maintain respectful interactions with patients and to develop rapport so that patients feel able to divulge all relevant information during a consultation.  Some sessions may involve playing the role of a patient or being examined - or a mixture of the two!

The sessions take place on the upper campus of UNSW, in the Wallace Wurth Building along Barker Street. We pride ourselves on a program which boasts a loyal group of community members who love engaging with our students and supporting their learning. New participants are very welcome and encouraged to join our team.

Conflict of Interest

Please be aware that if you have a family member (eg child, grandchild, niece/nephew) or close family friend who is a current UNSW medical student, due to the assessment element, unfortunately you will not be able to participate in the program.

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Year 2 Physical Examination Sessions - Respiratory

In these sessions, you will be working with small groups of Year 2 students and particiapting in examination practice for the respiratory system.  This will allow the students valuable opportunities to examine real people (as these chances are limited to them).  As such, your willingness to expose your back, chest and abdomen woudl be appreciated. Women will retain their bras and gowns will also be provided.  Options are listed below.



Sessions run mid afternoon for 2 hours. Please carefully indicate your availability below. You will be contacted with a confirmation closer to the time.You will need to arrive 15 minutes before your session starts for a briefing.

Getting Here

The easiest and fastest way to get to the Clinical Skills Centre is generally by public transport. Due to building work on Barker Street and for the new Health Precinct on Botany St, traffic congestion has severely increased around the upper campus. Parking can also never be guaranteed but if you do require a parking permit we will happily purchase one for you and post it out. This needs to happen at least 10 days' in advance of your session to ensure its arrival.


OSPIA (Online Simulated Patient Interaction Assessment) is an innovative  way for students to learn communication skills.  It provides SPs who wish to assist us away from campus the chance to conduct interviews with students. Generally taking place at home, using your own computer, the sessions provide students with another important opportunity to hone these skills.  In this case, we provide training allowing the SP to be patient AND assessor, and the system allows SPs to easily provide feedback to the student on their performance. 

Thank you for your support


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