As all domestic applicants are required to attend their interview at UNSW Medcine in person, most interstate applicants prefer to enter medical schools in their home state. 

Most non-NSW/ACT applicants apply to UNSW Medicine just in case they’re not offered a place in a medical school closer to home. As a result, fewer than 5% of interstate applicants who attend an interview eventually enrol in our course. 

To save interstate applicants from the significant time and expense of travelling to Sydney for an interview, applicants who live outside of New South Wales or Australian Capital Territory are usually not interviewed until late January. 

The process we have developed allows an interstate applicant to have the opportunity to have UNSW Medicine as a preference, and to attend an interview at UNSW should they not be offered a place in their home state medical school. 

The process involves a number of steps: 

  1. NSW/ACT applicants are selected for the December interview round after the release of their ATAR. 
  2. NSW/ACT applicants are ranked and offers are released through UAC in January Round 1. 
  3. Interstate/overseas applicants are selected based on their ATAR (or equivalent) and UCAT ANZ in early January (as soon as all results are available). Applicants whose academic result/UCAT ANZ combination is above the UNSW main round cut-off will be invited to an interview. 
  4. The outcome of the first round of offers for places in interstate medical schools will be known around mid-January. 
  5. Applicants who were selected for an interview at UNSW can still attend an interview in late January if they wish to continue with their application. 
  6. Applicants interviewed in late-January will be subject to the same interview and selection process as those interviewed in December. 
  7. If the results of an applicant’s interview, together with their academic and UCAT ANZ results exceed the cut-off that was required for entry into UNSW Medicine in January Round 1, they will be offered a place in UNSW Medicine program in February Round 1. UNSW Medicine puts places aside for these late round offers. 

Applicants interviewed in January are not disadvantaged in any way through this process.