Applying to study at UNSW Medicine requires several steps. To ensure you meet all deadlines, review and make a note of the Important Dates. Please read the following instructions before beginning your application.

  1. Apply via UNSW Admissions or University Admissions Centre (UAC)

    a. UNSW Admissions: If you’re not sitting an Australian or New Zealand Year 12 exam, or if you have completed all or part of a tertiary degree program, you’ll need to submit your application through UNSW Admissions. You can apply through UNSW Admissions Apply Online

    You should submit the documents required for your application as soon as possible as we hold interviews throughout the year and make offers to the program on a rolling basis. Consequently, there is a possibility that places may be filled before the application closing dates.

    b. UAC Application: If you’re sitting an Australian or New Zealand Year 12 examination you must apply through the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC)

    If you’re sitting the International Baccalaureate Diploma exam, you can apply via UAC or UNSW Admissions.

    UNSW Foundation Studies students should apply through the Unipreference system. Your Foundation Advisor can provide more details about how to apply this way.

  2. Apply for and Take the International Student Admission Test (ISAT)

    International Student Admission Test (ISAT) testing starts in May and needs to be completed by 30 November. We recommend you sit the test as early as possible as UNSW Medicine makes offers to the program once we receive an applicant’s results from all three selection criteria.

  3. Complete and Submit the UNSW Medicine Application Form

    The UNSW Medicine Application Form is available to complete and submit from early March in the year before your desired commencement at UNSW Medicine. Once you've started your application, you'll receive an email containing your receipt which is your password. You can log back into the form and work on your application at any time before submitting it

    You’ll need to complete and submit your application by the deadline. We do not accept late or incomplete applications. Applicants aren’t selected for interviews based on the details provided in the form, but some information is shared with interviewers before your interview.

  4. Attend your Medicine interview

    If you meet the academic requirements to study at UNSW Medicine, we may invite you for an interview with us. You can elect to undertake the interview via Skype, Zoom, face-to-face or, in some circumstances, by telephone

  5. Wait for the Outcome of Your Application

    We’ll combine your academic merit, ISAT results and the results from your interview to determine whether you’ll be offered a place at UNSW Medicine.

  6. Accept Your Offer

    If you’re offered a place to study at UNSW Medicine, you should accept your offer straight away and ensure any relevant fees are paid in time.