UNSW Medicine offers a peer mentoring program to support first-year higher degree research candidates from their first steps in the candidature to their confirmation review. Whether you’re a mentor or a mentee, learn how our mentoring program can benefit you.  

UNSW Medicine Peer Mentoring Program

Mentees  1st year Medicine HDR candidates 
Mentors 2nd to 4th year Medicine candidates 
Program Professional Training for Mentors and Mentees 
Monthly meetings with peer group (one mentor and two-to-three mentees) 
Term Term 1 and Term 3


What Benefits Will I Receive?

  • Access to a supportive environment of peers to help you navigate a new environment 
  • Professional growth through mentorship
  • Increased confidence for your confirmation review

Who are the Mentors? 

You’ll be mentored by experienced and professionally trained senior higher degree research candidates who’ve been first-year higher degree research students themselves and want to provide practical support to you. 

How do I Register? 

The Faculty Induction for candidates is where you can find out more information about our Peer Mentoring Program. Every newly enrolled candidate receives an email to register for a training session. You can complete this compulsory training session in person or via live stream. 

How to Register 

Following the Faculty Induction, new HDR candidates will be invited to register for the Peer Mentoring Program as a mentee.

What benefits will I receive?

  • Professional Mentor Training to improve your communication and conflict-resolution skills, increase your understanding of university support systems, and develop skills to organise and facilitate peer mentoring sessions 
  • Develop skills required for your next steps after completing your research degree 
  • Opportunities to create a network with other research candidates 
  • A rewarding, enjoyable and meaningful experience

What do I need to do?

  • Attend peer mentor training workshops (four x 1-hour lunchtime sessions, in person or live streamed) 
  • Meet monthly with your mentees, in person or online, for six months

What's required of me?

  • You must be a 2nd, 3rd or 4th year (FTE) HDR candidate and on track for on-time completion
  • You’ve received a satisfactory confirmation review 
  • Availability for four  mentor training sessions (in person or live-streamed)
  • Run monthly group mentoring sessions for six months 

How do I sign up? 

In December (for T1 program start) and July (for T3 program start), you will receive an email with the registration information for our mentor training. 

Please note that by attending the training, you do not yet commit to becoming a mentor. 

How to register 

For programs commencing in Term 1, you must sign up in December and for programs commencing in Term 3, you must sign up in July. You’ll receive an email with the registration information for mentor training. 

Please note that attending the training does not serve as a commitment to becoming a mentor.