Response - Neuroscience


UNSW’s Mindgardens initiative is the largest partnership of its kind in Australia and the first comprehensive brain disorders centre. It brings bring together a network of internationally-recognised researchers and clinicians to take the lead in the management of complex clinical conditions with physical, behavioural, mental and social dimensions across the lifespan. Its members are UNSW, SESLHD and St Vincent’s Hospitals, SESLHD Mental Health and Drug Health Services, NeuRA and the Black Dog Institute.

Brain Sciences UNSW is a cross-faculty grouping of leading researchers who aim to better understand normal and abnormal functioning of the brain and nervous system.

Researchers into anxiety and depression work through the Clinical Research Unit for Anxiety and Depression, a joint facility of the UNSW and St Vincent’s Hospital, as well as the Black Dog Institute and the Centre of Research Excellence in Suicide Prevention. These initiatives aim to drive rapid advances to reduce the growing burden of depression and anxiety and ultimately, to save lives.

Our Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing aims to translate recent advances in neuroscience to improve the prevention, early detection, and treatment of age-related disorders, in particular brain diseases. This work includes molecular research, research into neuronal systems and neuroimaging, and clinical, epidemiological and sociological research which aim to inform policy.