UNSW Pharmaceutical Medicine

Orin Chisholm

Associate Professor Orin Chisholm


Program Authority and Associate Professor in Pharmaceutical Medicine, School of Medical Sciences, UNSW Sydney

Orin Chisholm is the Program Director and Associate Professor in Pharmaceutical Medicine in the School of Medical Sciences at UNSW.

Orin is a member of the Gene Technology Technical Advisory Committee which provides advice to the Gene Technology Regulator, the OGTR and the Legislative Governance Forum on Gene Technology on all matters relating to gene technology, genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) and genetically modified (GM) products, including applications made to the Regulator under the Act, the biosafety aspects of gene technology and the need for and content of policy principles, guidelines, codes of practice and technical and procedural guidelines in relation to GMOs and GM products in Australia.

She has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry, which has equipped her to embed practical, current and innovative education in pharmaceutical medicine in her role as program director. She has worked predominantly in regulatory affairs in both large multinational pharmaceutical and smaller biotechnology companies in Australia.   She has particular expertise in the registration of biotechnology products for oncology indications. She contributes her expertise in global regulatory affairs to a textbook on international regulatory affairs published by RAPS and sits on the Editorial Advisory Committee for RAPS. She is the Chair of the ANZ Regional Advisory Committee for DIA.

Orin also has a strong academic background in the molecular biology of haemopoiesis and oncology and she has teaching qualifications in higher education. She has received a Faculty teaching award for outstanding contributions to student learning, a TOPRA award for Regulatory Affairs Education and is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy of the UK.

For Orin's publications, please see her research profile.

Orin is a member of ARCS, ASCEPT, DIA, RAPS, TOPRA and HERDSA.

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Dr Johnson Liu


Lecturer, Pharmaceutical Medicine and Pharmacology, School of Medical Sciences, UNSW Sydney

After completion of his BSc, MSc and PhD in Pharmacology at South China Agricultural University and postdoctoral training in Clinical Pharmacology at the University of Auckland, Johnson has taken up academic positions at the University of Auckland, Auckland University of Technology, University of Tasmania and now at UNSW. He has extensive teaching experience in pharmaceutical sciences, pharmacology, medicines development and regulations for undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Johnson has completed his Graduate Certificate in University Teaching and Learning.

His research involves studies on drug transporter, cancer cell signalling, pharmacokinetics, drug development, systems pharmacology and chemotherapy-induced neuropathy, which are supported by public and commercial funding grants. He has co-authored >35 peer-reviewed research articles. He is a review editor and an expert reviewer for several international journals. He is a member of the Australasian Society of Clinical & Experimental Pharmacologists & Toxicologists (ASCEPT) and the American Association of Cancer Research (AACR). He has supervised over a dozen postgraduate students with thesis topics in cancer pharmacology. Johnson has research interests in cancer pharmacology, molecular pharmacology, experimental therapeutics, pharmacokinetics, drug transport & delivery, targeted therapy and systems pharmacology.

For Johnson's publications, please see his research profile.