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Commencing students

Welcome to our commencing students!

We strongly recommend reviewing the Online Orientation for Medicine Postgraduate Coursework Students - this website will provide information to get you started with your studies at UNSW Sydney.

UNSW ID number

Your zID is a unique 7 digit number used for identification across UNSW systems. If you have previously studied at UNSW (e.g. as an undergraduate student) then you will use the same zID again.

If you are studying at UNSW for the first time, you will need to confirm your identity and set your zPass (i.e. an associated password for your UNSW zID). To do this, please go to the UNSW Identity Manager page and click the "New to UNSW? Start Here" button. Students commencing their studies in 2018 should enter program code 9370 under "New Applicants/Students".

Student email

Communication with Pharmaceutical Medicine students throughout the year is made via email. Students are expected to check their student emails on a regular basis.
Student emails can be accessed online via the UNSW Cloud Email page.

Students may wish to have their emails forwarded to a regularly monitored address. Information about email forwarding may be found at the Cloud Email forwarding info page.


Pharmaceutical Medicine students are expected to check the UNSW online learning platform, Moodle, on a regular basis during semester. Major communications to students relating directly to courses will be made through Moodle.
Click here to access Moodle.

Key dates for Semester 1 2018

  • O-Week: Monday 19 February to Friday 23 February 2018
  • Enrolment deadline: Sunday 4 March 2018
  • Census date (last day to discontinue Semester 1 courses without academic penalty and financial liability): Saturday 31 March 2018
  • Teaching period: Monday 26 February to Friday 1 June 2018
  • Teaching recess (mid-semester break): Friday 30 March to Sunday 8 April 2018


More key dates for UNSW can be found here:




Courses timetabled for Semester 1 2018

Please note: these details are subject to change. Handbook entries may not yet be up-to-date.

Courses timetabled for Semester 2 2018

Pharmaceutical Medicine Internship

PHAR9124 Pharmaceutical Medicine Internship is available in both Semester 1 and Semester 2 2018 but MUST be discussed with the Program Authority before enrolment.

Program transfer

Students wishing to transfer between programs (e.g. from previous Masters to revised Masters, from Grad Cert to revised Masters) must complete parts 1, 2 and 3 of the Application For Postgraduate Internal Program Transfer Form.
The form should then be returned electronically to the Pharmaceutical Medicine Unit for approval by the Program Authority and further processing.

Program transfer applications for Semester 1 are due by February 15, and for Semester 2 are due by July 15. This deadline is set by UNSW and is not negotiable. Applications submitted after the deadline will be pushed to the following semester.

For more information, please see the UNSW Current Students - Postgraduate Program Transfer page.

Program leave

Students wishing to take time off from their studies temporarily (i.e. intending to return to complete their studies at a later date) must apply for Program Leave through myUNSW. This notifies UNSW officially that you will be returning to your studies at a later date. If you do not apply for Program Leave, your enrolment will lapse.

Students are able to take Program Leave for no more than 2 semesters in total during their program.

Information about how to apply for Program Leave may be found here:


Please find the 2018 fees below:
AUD$3,330 per 6 Unit course
AUD$13,320 per annum (4 courses)
AUD$26,640 total cost of program

International students
AUD$3,720 per 6 unit course
AUD$14,880 per annum
AUD$29,760 total cost of program

Please note that fees will vary on a year-to-year basis. Total program costs are calculated based on a full time load (i.e. completion of the Master of Pharmaceutical Medicine within one year).

For further information about fees and payment, please see the Student Financials page or contact Student Financials directly via email: fees@unsw.edu.au.

Non-award Enrolment

The Pharmaceutical Medicine program accepts non-award enrolments for all courses except PHAR9124. 

Applications for non-award enrolment are made on the form available here: https://www.futurestudents.unsw.edu.au/non-award-short-courses


This form will need to be submitted via the following website:  https://enquiry.unsw.edu.au/form/ by 10 February for Semester 1 courses.

General information

Please contact us if there is any other information you would like added to this page.
Last updated Wednesday 10 January 2018

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