Master of Pharmaceutical Medicine

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About the UNSW Pharmaceutical Medicine program

Master of Pharmaceutical Medicine at a glance:
Degree at a glance:

  • Course code: 9370
  • Postgraduate study
  • Award type: Masters
  • Fully online course
  • 1 year full time or 2 years part – time
  • Students may exit early at the Graduate Diploma in Pharmaceutical Medicine (program code 5371; 36 UoC) or the Graduate Certificate in Pharmaceutical Medicine (program code 7370; 24 UoC) if you meet the requirements of these degrees.


How is the program delivered?

You can view detailed information about coursework and subjects in the UNSW Handbook.

The program consists of:

  • six core courses
  • two electives 

Within the core courses, there are choices for 3 of the core courses. There are a number of elective courses available for students including an internship course. 
The program is flexible and allows you to choose related courses to contribute to a particular area of focus or choose a wider range of courses that reflect your diverse interests.

Most students take one course per term. You need to take 8 courses from the following core and elective courses to complete the program (please click on the links to view the Handbook entries):


  1. PHAR9101 Introduction to the Therapeutics Industry
  2. PHAR9121 Pharmacovigilance
  3. PHAR9122 Medical Affairs
  4. PHAR9114 Health Technology Assessment
  5. Regulatory Affairs stream: PHAR9104 Regulatory Affairs OR PHAR9113 International Regulatory Affairs
  6. Clinical Trials stream: PHAR9120 Clinical Trials OR PHAR9116 Clinical Trial Management


  1. PHAR9111 Pharmaceutics
  2. PHAR9117 Cancer Therapeutics
  3. PHAR9118 Therapeutics
  4. PHAR9124 Pharmaceutical Medicine Internship
  5. PHAR9130 Global Regulatory Affairs Leadership (entry restrictions apply – contact Program Authority for further information
More information about the program and coursework details

Program Brochure:

Visit the UNSW Handbook


Contact the Pharamaceutical Medicine Program team:

(02) 9385 2464