UNSW Pharmaceutical Medicine

What you need to enter our Pharmaceutical Medicine Program at UNSW

  • a 3 year undergraduate degree in a cognate discipline plus relevant industry experience (see below for definition)


  • a 4 year undergraduate degree or higher qualifications in a cognate discipline

Cognate discipline is defined as a degree in one of the following disciplines:

  • biomedical/biological sciences
  • pharmacy
  • nursing
  • veterinary science
  • chemistry/medicinal chemistry
  • medicine
  • other (case-by-case basis) - contact the Pharmaceutical Medicine team before applying for further details

What relevant experience do you need?

  • One year full-time equivalent experience in a medical department position at Associate level or above in the pharmaceutical or biotechnology industry (such as Medical Information Associate, Regulatory Affairs Associate, Pharmacovigilance Associate, Clinical Trials Associate, etc), a contract organisation (eg, clinical research, regulatory, economic evaluation, medical) or a clinical trials unit.


  • One year full-time equivalent position within a relevant government department (such as State or Federal Department of Health, Therapeutic Goods Administration, Office of the Gene Technology Regulator or other relevant regulatory authority).

NB: Please note that all applicants will be required to meet the UNSW English Language Requirements.

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