Master of Pharmaceutical Medicine

Am I eligible?

What you need to enter our Pharmaceutical Medicine Program at UNSW:

  • a 3 year undergraduate degree in a cognate discipline plus relevant industry experience (see below for definition)


  • a 4 year undergraduate degree or higher qualifications in a cognate discipline
    Cognate discipline is defined as a degree in one of the following disciplines:
    - biomedical/biological sciences
    - pharmacy
    - nursing
    - veterinary science
    - chemistry/medicinal chemistry
    - medicine
    - other (case-by-case basis) – contact the Pharmaceutical Medicine team before applying for further details

What relevant experience do you need?

  • One year full-time equivalent experience in a medical department position at Associate level or above in the pharmaceutical or biotechnology industry (such as Medical Information Associate, Regulatory Affairs Associate, Pharmacovigilance Associate, Clinical Trials Associate, etc), a contract organisation (eg, clinical research, regulatory, economic evaluation, medical) or a clinical trials unit.


  • One year full-time equivalent position within a relevant government department (such as State or Federal Department of Health, Therapeutic Goods Administration, Office of the Gene Technology Regulator or other relevant regulatory authority).


NB: Please note that all applicants will be required to meet the UNSW English Language Requirements.


Submit your interest online at UNSW Apply Online to begin the application process.


More information about the program and coursework details

Program Brochure:

Visit the UNSW Handbook


Contact the Pharamaceutical Medicine Program team:

(02) 9385 2464