UNSW Pharmaceutical Medicine

What is Pharmaceutical Medicine?

Pharmaceutical Medicine is a multi-disciplinary field within medical science concerned with the discovery, pre-clinical and clinical development, evaluation, registration, safety monitoring, reimbursement and medical aspects of medicines used for therapeutic treatment of humans.

If you are interested in working in the pharmaceutical industry, government Department of Health, Regulatory Agencies (for example, TGA, OGTR, NICNAS), contract research or manufacturing organisations (CROs, CMOs) or academic areas (such as drug development, pharmacology, clinical research, regulatory affairs, pharmacovigilance, pharmacoeconomics), then this is the degree for you.

Why Study Postgraduate Pharmaceutical Medicine at UNSW?

  • Australasia’s leading postgraduate pharmaceutical medicine program, running for over 22 years
  • Delivered fully online, so you can study from anywhere in the world
  • Digital resources and webinars covering the latest innovations in drug development and industry trends
  • Opportunities for internships in industry, government or academia
  • Developed in partnership with the pharmaceutical industry and government regulators
  • Taught by experts in the field
  • Wide ranging graduate opportunities in early stage research and development, clinical trials, regulatory affairs, pharmacovigilance, pharmaeconimics or medical affairs
  • An alumni network employed by key industry partners such as multinational pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, government regulators and contract organisations
  • High-ranking university: 45th in 2019 QS world universities ranking and top ranking in Excellence in Research for Australia 

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Program details

The UNSW Pharmaceutical Medicine program is designed to ensure graduates have the knowledge and skills to make a meaningful contribution to medicines research, development and access, working across the pharmaceutical industry, academia and government, with the goal of improving the health and wellbeing of the community.

For Australia to play its full role in the development of new therapeutic products and to maintain high standards of delivery of therapeutic products to the market, it is essential that Australian pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies have staff adequately trained and skilled to perform in these areas.  This degree provides you with the skills and knowledge to do so.


2019 Prospectus

For a more detailed overview of the program, please read our Prospectus available at the link below.

How to apply

Apply online to UNSW. Please attach copies of your cv, employer statements of service (including English language competency) and certified copies of your academic qualifications.
The program code is 9370.  Click here to begin the application process.

Direct enrolments are not accepted for the Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma. All entry to the program is through the Master of Pharmaceutical Medicine (program code 9370), with the Graduate Certificate (program code 7370) and Graduate Diploma (program code 5371) providing early exit options to currently enrolled students only.

Please note that the Master of Pharmaceutical Medicine does not qualify you to practice as a pharmacist in Australia.

Where are our graduates?

Our graduates are employed as experts across a range of positions in the pharmaceutical industry, including overseas-based roles, as shown below.

Research in Pharmaceutical Medicine

UNSW has received a maximum score of 5/5 for Excellence in Research for Australia in the field of “pharmacology and pharmaceutical sciences”. Our staff conduct research in all areas of pharmaceutical medicine and pharmacology. Some current projects include:

  • The role of the Medical Science Liaison in contributing to Quality Use of Medicines in Australia
  • The impact of the new accelerated regulatory approval pathways on access to medicines in Australia
  • Global authorisation procedures for pharmaceutical medicine products
  • Education in pharmaceutical medicine, pharmacology and personalised medicine
  • Global National Medicine Policies
  • Reproductive health and fertility information availability in medical and clinical information documents for oncology products
  • The role of drug transporters, cancer cell signalling and pharmacokinetics in chemotherapy-induced neuropathy

Students who have completed their Master of Pharmaceutical Medicine degree may wish to enrol in further research degrees at UNSW:

  • Master of Science by Research
  • Professional Doctorate in Public Health (DrPH)
  • PhD
  • MD

Please contact the Pharmaceutical Medicine team to discuss your options.


Pharmaceutical Medicine Program 
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