UNSW Pharmaceutical Medicine

Why Pharmaceutical Medicine at UNSW?

  • Australasia’s leading postgraduate pharmaceutical medicine program, running for over 20 years
  • Fully delivered online, so you can study anywhere in the world
  • Digital resources and webinars covering the latest innovations in drug development and industry trends
  • Opportunities for internships in industry
  • Developed in partnership with the pharmaceutical industry and government regulators
  • Wide ranging graduate opportunities in early stage research and development, clinical trials, regulatory affairs, pharmacovigilance or medical affairs
  • An alumni network employed by key industry partners such as multinational pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, government regulators and contract organisations

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Program details

The UNSW programs in Pharmaceutical Medicine are designed to ensure graduates are adequately equipped with the skills needed to competently perform their roles in the pharmaceutical industry. The programs also provide an excellent opportunity for recent graduates in Medical Sciences, and those in a variety of research positions to upgrade skills.

For Australia to play its full role in the development of new drugs, particularly in the early phase of drug development, and to maintain high standards of delivery of drugs to the market, it is essential that Australian pharmaceutical companies have staff adequately trained and skilled to perform in these areas.  

Training in these skills must meet assessable standards which are compatible with international scientific, clinical, legal and regulatory conventions. This is important for Australia to compete in local and international drug development activities and for the career development of those involved.

Those working in Research & Development, Medical, Medical Information and Regulatory Departments in pharmaceutical companies are responsible for the discovery and selection of new drugs for development, their evaluation for efficacy and safety in preclinical and clinical studies, pharmacovigilance (e.g. monitoring and reporting of adverse drug reactions), registration of new drugs and associated regulatory activities, pharmacoeconomic studies, and other activities.

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How to apply

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NB: The Pharmaceutical Medicine program was revised in 2017. Direct enrolments will no longer be accepted for the Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma. All entry to the program is through the Master of Pharmaceutical Medicine (program code 9370), with the Graduate Certificate (program code 7370) and Graduate Diploma (program code 5371) providing early exit options to currently enrolled students only.

Please note that the Master of Pharmaceutical Medicine does not qualify graduands to practice as a pharmacist in Australia.


Pharmaceutical Medicine Program 
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