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Scientia Professor Michael Barton

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 Michael Barton OAM is Scientia Professor of Radiation Oncology at UNSW, and Research Director of the Collaboration for Cancer Outcomes Research and Evaluation (CCORE). He is the Principal of the Cancer Research Theme of the Faculty of Medicine UNSW.

He has chaired reviews of cancer services throughout Australia and overseas including; the Victorian Cancer Services Framework Report, the Papua New Guinea Cancer Services Report, the Review of Cancer Services in New South Wales in 2004, the feasibility study of radiotherapy in the Northern Territory and a review of cancer services in Western Australia. He chaired the expert advisory committee examining the feasibility of establishing a radiotherapy service in North West Tasmania.

He has worked for United Nations agencies on radiotherapy projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America. He chaired the WHO technical document on risk profiling radiotherapy.The benchmarks for radiotherapy service delivery that CCORE developed have now been adopted throughout Australia, Europe and Great Britain. Recently a similar benchmark has been developed to benchmark and plan chemotherapy services.

Michael Barton began the Basic Sciences of Oncology Course in NSW which he later developed into the Applied Sciences of Oncology Course for the International Atomic Energy Agency. This course has been downloaded over 2500 times by oncology trainees around the world.

Michael Barton was awarded a Medal in the Order of Australia in June 2007 for his service to medicine, particularly radiation oncology, through a range of clinical, research, education and professional development roles. In 2012, he received the Medical Oncology Group of Australia-Novartis Oncology Cancer Achievement Award. He received the Health Service Research Award from Research Australia in 2016.




M.B.B.S. (Syd.) 1981

Fellow of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists, 1987

Certificate in Health Economics, Monash University, 1996

MD “The improvement of cancer management by the application of the currently available knowledge”  (UNSW) 2008



$15, 698,748

2018   The Australian MRI-Linac Program: Transforming the Science and Clinical Practice of Cancer Radiotherapy. Keall P, Barton M, Crozier S. NHMRC APP1132471. $7,001,475

2017    Nano-X: A new class of cancer radiotherapy system. Keall P, Feain I, Mackie T, O'Brien R, Jackson M, Barton M, Bennett P. NHMRC APP1118450. $824,478     

2013    Ultra-High Resolution Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) System for Physical Applications.  Price W, Aldrich-Wright J, Hennessy A, Sathasivan AS, Torres, Allan M, Liney  G,  Gary P, Holloway L, Delaney G, Cornell B, Bosi S, Nyden M, Messerie B.  NHMRC / ARC LIEF Scheme, LE140100009. $1,064,000

2013    The Australian MRI-linac Program: Improving cancer treatment through real time image guided adaptive radiotherapy. Keall P, Barton M, Crozier S.  NHMRC APP1036078. $5,705,380              

2011    An adaptable and dedicated linear accelerator for medical radiation research. Keall P, Jackson M, Rozenfeld A, Barton M, Greer P, Vial P, Baldock C, Metcalfe, Thwaites D.  ARC LIEF Scheme, LE120100006. $600,000

2008    Modelling multiple radiotherapy treatment episodes for benchmarking and service planning. (Retreatment).  Barton M, Hudson M, Delaney G, NHMRC (Cancer Australia) 510327. $503,415


Cancer Institute NSW


2016    An assessment of the appropriate Radiotherapy Utilization (RTU) versus optimal across NSW. Delaney G, Barton M, Gabriel GS,  Shafiq J, Yap M.  Cancer Institute NSW. $289,440                                   

2016    Infrastructure for developing MRI contrast agents for cancer imaging that spans from contemporary to future clinical field strengths. Price W, Barton, M, Keall P, Liney G, Aldrich-Wright J, Stait-Gardner T, Bourne R, Fay M, Xu HH, Gupta A.  Cancer Institute NSW.  $530,000

2013    Centre for Oncology Education and Research Translation (CONCERT). DeSouza P, Barton M, Lee S, Bokey L, Girgis A, Delaney G, Ranson M. Cancer Institute NSW13/TRC/1-01. $6,499,980

2011    Chair in Radiation Oncology 2011 to 2016 $850,667

2010    Making radiotherapy safer and more accurate: Developing detector technology for the next generation in treatment verification systems. Vial P, Kunic Z, Greer P, Baldock C, Holloway, L, Barton M. Cancer Institute, 10 / REG / 1. $198,000

2010    A next generation detector for radiotherapy treatment verification with dual capability for simultaneous imaging and dosimetry.  Vial P,  Baldock C, Kuncic Z, Holloway L, Barton M. Cancer Council NSW. $336,125

2010    South West Sydney Translational Cancer Research Unit  (SWS-TCRU). De Souza P, Barton M, Lee S, Bokey L, Agar M, Apte M. Cancer Institute NSW Translational Research Unit Program. $1,673,333                   

2007    Development and implementation of an integrated electronic Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) measurement tool. . Eek R, Shafiq J, Au  G, Delaney G, Barton M, Ng W. Cancer Institute. $80,000

2006    Chemotherapy in Cancer Care: estimating the optimum utilisation from a review of evidence based clinical guidelines. Barton M, Jacob S, Ng W.  Cancer Institute 05/HSP/1-01.  $247,500

2005    Linking Radiation Oncology databases to NSW inpatient statistics collections. Barton M, Delaney GP, O’Connell D, Gabriel GS. Cancer Institute    05/RIG/1/04. $201,695

2006    Chair in Radiation Oncology 2006 to 2011. $1,454,030




2015    UNSW Medicine E-Research Institutional Cloud (ERIC). Jorm l, Ainsworth M,    Barton M, Chambers G, Churches T, Close J, Cook R, Degenhardt L, Dobbins T, et al. UNSW Major Research Equipment and Infrastructure Initiative. $668,500

            2014    The ACRF Image-X Institute: Eradicating cancer through innovation in imaging and targeted x-ray therapy. Keall P, Barton M, Jackson M, Thwaites D, Kunic Z, Fulton R, Foster K.  Australian Cancer Research Foundation. $2,500,000     


2017    Scientia Professor, UNSW Sydney

2016    Health Services Research Award, Research Australia

2015    Gold Medal of The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists

2015    Liverpool Council Health Research Award

2014    Rouse Traveling Fellowship, The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists

2012    Medical Oncology Group of Australia-Novartis Oncology Cancer Achievement Award 2012

2007    Medal of the Order of Australia, for service to medicine, particularly radiation oncology, through a range of clinical, research, education and professional development roles.

2007    Rohan Williams Traveling Professor, Royal College of Radiologists, United Kingdom

2000    Professional Education and Training Award. NSW Cancer Council

Research activities: 

Health Services research in cancer, primarily in radiation oncology to set evidence-based benchmarks of population-based levels of cancer service delivery.

He is one of the principals in the Australian MRI linac, one of 4 projects globally to use MRI for anatomical and functional guidance of radiation therapy

Field of Research (FOR) Tag: 
Oncology and Carcinogenesis
Radiation Therapy
Teaching & Supervision
Areas of supervision: 

Radiation Oncology

Cancer Health Services research

MRI in radiation oncology

Currently supervising: 

PhD Candidates

Dr Viet Do

Dr Trang Pham

Dr MeI Yap

Dr Sathira Perera

Ms Robba Rai

Media & Expertise
Areas of expertise: 

Oncology and Carcinogenesis, Radiation Therapy.