Cardiac, Vascular & Metabolic Medicine

Our vision is to ease the significant burden of cardiovascular diseases and metabolic syndromes and diseases within Australia and beyond.

We are working towards a deeper understanding, early detection, and prevention of the collective major cause of death and disability in Australia: cardiovascular diseases and metabolic syndromes and diseases.

Heart disease, stroke, and the complications from diabetes and kidney disease affect all in our community—from children with congenital heart defects to myocardial infarction, stroke, diabetes, renal failure, heart failure and arrhythmias in the elderly.

The development of these disease patterns varies geographically, which means they are influenced beyond genetics by an intricate interplay of environmental, sociodemographic and behavioural factors.



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Our highly collaborative researchers partner with other faculties, world class research centres and institutes, and local health clinicians to reduce the significant burden of cardiovascular and metabolic disease throughout NSW, Australia and beyond.



We facilitate and lead the rapid development of major new research initiatives that tackle heart disease, stroke, vascular disease, diabetes and kidney disease in multiple research arenas. Our areas of focus include primary health care, population health, intensive and critical care, big data in health, and clinical trials. Our sound research underpins targeted preventions and therapeutic interventions, so all Australians can access a better quality of life.

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Our academics and colleagues have a long-standing record of excellence in basic science research through to the translation and application of findings—from the bench, through to populations, and across to the bedside. We improve outcomes for all, working within patient communities and addressing key disease risk factors such as raised blood pressure or hypertension, diet, exercise, planetary health, green space, and pollution.

Dr Cheryl Carcel

Dr Cheryl Carcel, at The George Institute for Global Health, is researching how stroke affects men and women differently.

Research Theme Highlight

Principal Lead for the UNSW Medicine & Health CVMM research theme, Professor Alta Schutte discusses hypertension control rates in Australia with Professor Markus Schlaich. Why is it important to strive for better control of high blood pressure in a population and how can this be achieved?

This podcast accompanies their MJA Perspective, published here.

With MJA news and online editor, Cate Swannell. 22 mins, 43 secs.

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Current initiatives in place to support research in the Cardiac, Vascular & Metabolic Medicine theme.

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