The UNSW Medicine Cancer Theme and SPHERE Cancer Clinical Academic Group are merged to streamline governance and administration so that we can focus on supporting research.

Professor Elgene Lim is Principal of the Cancer Theme and Lead of the Cancer CAG. He chairs both the Management and Executive Committees. Governance includes the Directors of Cancer Services for SWSLHD and SESLHD and the Kinghorn Cancer Centre in the St Vincent’s precinct. This ensures that we are aligned with our healthcare partner priorities.

Our Management Committee includes independent consumers and community organisations with broad consumer reach and understanding. Leadership from clinicians, academics and others from across the SPHERE network who are experienced in knowledge translation and implementation of evidence into clinical practice ensures projects are designed and conducted to realise uptake and impact. Our committee members participate widely in state, national and international activities and agencies.

Each of our Areas of Focus has a clinical lead from a different organisational partner. Together with the Chair, they make up the Executive Committee.