Niki Tashvighi

Research Officer

Niki works as a Research Assistant at the UNSW Microbiome Research Centre. She graduated from the University of Sydney with a Master’s in Infectious Diseases, Immunology in 2019, following an undergraduate degree in Microbiology which she competed in 2016. Ms Tashvighi has a broad range of experience in blood collection, microbiology, and cell biology techniques. She is recently working on various projects including the MothersBabies study providing high-quality laboratory analysis, quality control, and data management. She has a keen interest in the role of the Microbiome in autoimmune diseases, particularly Multiple Sclerosis. With her interest in the mysteries of the human microbiome as a potential source of novel therapeutics in infectious diseases and chronic illnesses, she aims to make important contributions to clinical research by pursuing an MD degree and combining it with Microbiome Research in MS.