Mathew Gullotta

Research Officer


Ms Psychology (Forensics); BSc – Psychology (Honours)


Mathew Gullotta is a registered psychologist working as a research clinician/ psychologist at the University of New South Wales (May 2019 – Present) on the
ReINVEST clinical trial that involves the prescription of either an antidepressant (sertraline) or placebo to test whether the antidepressant can reduce highly impulsive, aggressive and violent behaviours. He also works clinically providing assessments, consultancy, therapy, and training. With a passion for research as well as clinical practice, Mathew holds interests in mental health, the criminal justice system, and recidivism. 

Mathew is also a current student of a PhD. 

Published works: 

Gullotta, M., Greenberg, D., Adily, A., Cale, J., & Butler, T. G. (2020). Implications of sex offender classification on reporting demographic characteristics, health, and criminal careers: results from an Australian jurisdiction. BMC medical research methodology20, 1-12.

Unpublished theses: 

The Mental Health of Sex Offenders Incarcerated in New South Wales submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Masters of Psychology (Forensics). This thesis was completed as part of the Justice Health Research Program at the University of New South Wales. 

Lie to me: The relationship between deception and it’s detection with emotional intelligence submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Science – Psychology (Honours). This thesis was completed in conjunction with the Perception in Action Research Centre at Macquarie University.


Journal articles
Gullotta M; Greenberg D; Albalawi O; Adily A; Karminia A; Knight L; Ellis A; Butler TG, 2021, 'Self-harm and suicidality among three subgroups of male sex offenders: results from an Australian prisoner cohort', Health and Justice, vol. 9,