Fabio Zanini

Senior Research Fellow

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    Lab website: http://fabilab.org.


OPEN PHD POSITION: Single cell immunology and live cell imaging. Details here.

Selected Publications

Single cell biology

Domingo-Gonzales R*, ZANINI F*, et al. Diverse homeostatic and immunomodulatory roles of immune cells in the developing mouse lung at single cell resolution. eLife (2020).

Single cell virology of dengue and Zika virus

ZANINI F, Robinson ML, et al. Quake SR, Einav S. Virus-inclusive single-cell RNA sequencing reveals the molecular signature of progression to severe dengue. PNAS (2018).

ZANINI F, Pu S, Bekerman E, Einav S, Quake SR. Single-cell transcriptional dynamics of flavivirus infection. eLife (2018).

Cell atlases

ZANINI F, Berghuis B, et al. Quake SR. northstar: leveraging cell atlases to identify healthy and neoplastic cells in transcriptomes from human tumors. biorXiv (2019).

HIV evolution

ZANINI F, Puller V, Brodin J, Albert J, Neher RA. In vivo mutation rates and the landscape of fitness costs of HIV-1. Virus evolution (2017).

ZANINI F, Brodin J, et al. Albert J, Neher RA. Population genomics of intrapatient HIV-1 evolution. eLife (2015).

ZANINI F, Neher RA. Quantifying selection against synonymous mutations in HIV-1 env evolution. J. Virology (2013).



  • 2015: PhD in Bioinformatics from the University of Tuebingen in HIV evolution.
  • 2016-2019: Postdoc at Stanford University in single cell biology of viral disease and tissue composition.
  • Since October 2019: Group leader at UNSW, working on computational and single cell approaches to severe dengue, neonatal lung disease, and cancer.
  • Chan Zuckerberg Initiative grants for essential open source software ($270,000, year 2021)
  • UNSW Cellular Genomics Future seed grant (years 2021-2022)

Current teaching:

  • Single cell virology, guest lecture University of Sydney (April 2020)
  • Scientific programming in Python, UNSW Medicine (March-May 2020)