Emily Upton

Research Officer

Emily is a Clinical Psychologist who has worked at NDARC since 2012 as a Research Psychologist and Research Officer. She has worked across a number of projects contributing to publication and data collection, conducting clinical assessments of mental health and substance use with adolescents and young adults, including the longitudinal Australian Parental Supply of Alcohol Longitudinal Study (APSALS), the RADAR study, and the Young Australians Alcohol Reporting System (YAARS) study. Emily also delivered phone-based financial counselling to participants on a randomised control trial examining the efficacy of smoking cessation strategies with low socio-economic status smokers (FISCALS).

Emily currently works in the APSALS team and has recently published data from the cohort investigating the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the mental health and help-seeking of young Australian adults.

When Emily is not at NDARC she works as a Clinical Psychologist specialising in treating adolescents and young adults at her practice Bloom Clinical Psychology, Randwick, and at the Kidman Centre, Prince of Wales Hospital.  

Journal articles
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Staff Prize for Third Year Psychology, UNSW, 2012