• New post to tackle $12 billion health problem

    Common mental disorders, such as depression and anxiety, are now the leading cause of sickness absence and work incapacity in most industrialised countries, costing the Australian economy $12 billion a year, says Dr Sam Harvey, who has been appointed to the first dedicated clinical research post...

  • The crying game

    Work is underway to discover if human tears can play a role in the early diagnosis of breast and prostate cancer, as well as confirming if a person has a predisposition to developing the diseases. The UNSW research, in collaboration with the Brien Holden Vision Institute, St George Hospital and...

  • Dry July raises $200,000 for NSW Cancer Survivors Centre

    The NSW Cancer Survivors Centre has received a cheque for $205,810 from the Dry July campaign to enable the fledgling centre to buy equipment and help patients cope with the challenges they face after cancer treatment. The UNSW-based centre, which is Australia’s first community-based centre for...

  • Image - Mini-strokes signal health warning

    Mini-strokes signal health warning

    Patients who suffer stroke-like attacks can have mortality rates 20 per cent higher than the general population, new research finds, leading to calls for better stroke prevention strategies for those who experience a transient ischemic attack (TIA). In one of the largest studies of its kind ever...

  • Image - Exercise can reverse negative effects of maternal obesity

    Exercise can reverse negative effects of maternal obesity

    Exercise is the key to overcoming the adverse metabolic effects passed on to offspring by their overweight mothers, with research showing for the first time these effects can be almost completely reversed through physical activity. Being an obese mother can have a powerful impact on the next...

  • Image - Alzheimer's blood test - a step forward

    Alzheimer's blood test - a step forward

    Australian researchers have found biomarkers in the blood that could help develop a test to identify people in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. University of New South Wales School of Psychiatry Professor Perminder Sachdev and his team looked at apolipoproteins, which transport cholesterol...

  • Image - Gastric bypass surgery may cause bone loss

    Gastric bypass surgery may cause bone loss

    Patients who have radical bariatric surgery may have greater long-term bone loss, Garvan Institute of Medical Research endocrinologists say in a review of literature in the journal Obesity Reviews. Bariatric surgery, which significantly curtails the amount of food a person can eat, is being...

  • Image - Psychiatry in his sights

    Psychiatry in his sights

    Indigenous doctor Josef McDonald, who has just graduated from UNSW, plans to focus his career on mental health problems in his community. The 24-year-old is the third graduate of the Shalom Gamarada residential scholarship program, which offers full board and accommodation at Shalom College to...

  • Image - Brain cancer boost

    Brain cancer boost

    Four of the world's best minds in brain cancer research will join UNSW's Lowy Cancer Research Centre as part of a new visiting academic program. The first of the international collaborators, brain tumour pathologist Professor Paul Kleihues, took up his post this week from the Institute of Clinical...

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