• Methadone can cut risk of HIV transmission

    Monday, 08 October 2012

    Evidence suggests methadone and other opiate substitution treatments can significantly cut the risk of HIV infection for people who inject drugs, according to a study by researchers including Professor Louisa Degenhardt from UNSW's National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre.   The research,...

  • Image - Heroin and opioid deaths on the rise

    Heroin and opioid deaths on the rise

    Thursday, 04 October 2012

    A total of 500 Australians aged 15 to 54 died from accidental opioid overdoses in 2008 and preliminary estimates suggest deaths of this nature will be higher again in 2009 and 2010, according to the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre. The largest recorded increase was among Australians aged...

  • Image - Doctors failing to follow up test results

    Doctors failing to follow up test results

    Wednesday, 26 September 2012

    A systematic review by UNSW Medicine researchers has found up to 62 per cent of laboratory tests and up to 36 per cent of radiology reports were not being followed up by doctors, for patients attending GPs, clinics or hospital outpatient departments. In Australia, their related research revealed...

  • The trial of their lives

    Tuesday, 18 September 2012

    Human trials have begun on a potentially groundbreaking anti-cancer drug with the power to shrink tumours and potentially provide an alternative to chemotherapy. The compound, named PENAO, is the result of ten years’ work by Professor Philip Hogg, director of UNSW’s Lowy Cancer Research Centre, and...

  • Online treatment dramatically cuts suicide risk

    Tuesday, 18 September 2012

    Australian research, published in the British Medical Journal Open, shows a dramatic reduction in both depression and suicidal thoughts in patients who participated in a study involving internet cognitive behaviour therapy. “Web-based services for people with depression have been cautious about...

  • Image - Kids’ brains are plastic. Will tech make them fantastic?

    Kids’ brains are plastic. Will tech make them fantastic?

    Friday, 07 September 2012

    Parents have good reason to feel overwhelmed by the digital revolution consuming their teenagers.  As far as the physiology of our brains goes, we adults will never keep up. Th adolescent brain is a natural wonder forged by evolutionary forces which have differentiated it from both the child and...

  • Image - Measuring mental health

    Measuring mental health

    Tuesday, 28 August 2012

    Australians overall are a happy bunch of people but suicidal thoughts are plaguing four per cent of the population, or half a million people, according to the new Black Dog Index designed to measure mental health. The index was developed at the UNSW-affiliated Black Dog Institute and aims to...

  • Image - Heavy teenage cannabis use linked with anxiety disorders

    Heavy teenage cannabis use linked with anxiety disorders

    Wednesday, 08 August 2012

    Teenagers who smoke cannabis weekly or more are twice as likely as non-users to have an anxiety disorder in their late 20s, even if they stop using, a study of 2000 Victorian teenagers has found. Those who used frequently in their teens and continued to use on a daily basis at the age of 29 were...

  • Image - Schizophrenic brain on red alert

    Schizophrenic brain on red alert

    Wednesday, 08 August 2012

    The brains of people with schizophrenia may be under attack by the immune system, according to research from Neuroscience Research Australia and the University of New South Wales. The finding is the strongest evidence so far of a link between immune function and schizophrenia, with 40 per cent of...

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