Health Beyond Research and Innovation Showcase highlights work of staff and students

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19 June 2019
Image - Health Beyond Research and Innovation Showcase highlights work of staff and students

A huge thanks from the South Western Sydney Clinical School to all those in the Faculty who contributed at this month’s South West Sydney Local Health District Research and Innovation Showcase.

UNSW Medicine and the South Western Sydney Clinical School supported the showcase by hosting several workshops, booths and networking sessions over the two-day event.  Over a thousand people came to hear eight keynote speakers and over one hundred presentations.

The Clinical School’s Chief of Staff, Craig Smith, believes our support is important for the Faculty, “The showcase offers a great opportunity to highlight not only our many research contributions, but our wider partnership with the south western Sydney research community, ” he says, “It’s also our chance to stop and say ‘thank you’ to the delegates, researchers and clinicians who are so essential to the success of our work.”  

Medicine’s Independent Learning Project (ILP) students used the event to showcase their contributions to the research in south western Sydney. Networking booths focussed on sharing the faculty’s thematic approach to research and provided delegates with an opportunity to discuss UNSW resources with the Outreach Librarian team.

UNSW supported three professional development workshops. One of these, coordinated by Medicine’s external relations team, provided strategies on how to use social media in research.

Panellists Professor Vlado Perkovic, Professor Afaf Girgis AM, Wolf Villalta, Dr Ursula Sansom-Daly, Dr Jennifer Cohen, Dr Eden Robertson and guest speaker Dr Ai Addyson-Zhang spoke to a full room.  They explained the benefits of using social media, how to use it effectively and how to build a research profile from the platform.   They shared helpful hints on how to maintain a social media presence without it intruding on research time and how to ensure the benefits outweigh the efforts.

The key take-aways from the group?  Decide on a platform that is best for your research (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc), then use that platform to:

  • gather information
  • build a community and connect with those who share similar interests
  • translate your research to the community; ensure your voice is being heard, with appropriate hashtags, use of videos and correct messaging
  • Avoid the negative aspects of social media such as Twitter wars
  • The Health Beyond Research & Innovation Showcase is an annual event where allied health professionals, nurses, doctors and researchers in south western Sydney present abstracts across the disciplines of health service research, cancer, community health, clinical medicine, biomedical research, mental health and many other areas.

The Showcase promotes environment, health, research and education in south western Sydney and has been a drawcard in developing the vision for the future of Sydney. Presentations included current research at UNSW as well as those at the Ingham Institute, South Western Sydney Local Health District and Western Sydney University.