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5 April 2013
Image - A different dimension in cancer research


The Health Roundtable has been working with member hospitals to improve patient quality and safety throughout Australia and New Zealand since 1995.  With over 130 facilities sharing data, The Health Roundtable has been able to identify innovations at exemplar services and facilitate implementation to other members. 

As a marker of patient safety, the development of the Classification of Hospital Acquired Diagnoses (CHADx) allows hospitals to track adverse events from administrative data.  CHADx is intended to enable routinely coded inpatient data to be used to monitor a range of hospital- acquired diagnoses (“complications”), and support quality improvement efforts by hospital-based clinical teams. Data on patient safety performance is an important tool for reducing the rate of hospital-acquired illness and injury.  The CHADx was developed so that hospitals would be able to track unintentional patient harm. As such, it was intended for use within hospitals, and not intended as a means for external monitoring of hospital activity and holding hospitals to account. 

The Health Roundtable is uniquely placed to provide enhanced power to the CHADx collection though national benchmarking.  Using techniques developed for the Roundtable, David will discuss findings on 2011/12 CHADx data from Australian Hospitals members.

Speaker Profile

David is General Manager of The Health Roundtable, a consortium of over 80 health services across Australia and New Zealand working to improve patient care through innovation sharing. His team analyses over 4.5 million inpatient records a year to provide comparative analysis of efficiency, patient safety, and demographic trends. David received his PhD in Interdisciplinary Social Science from Syracuse University in New York as a National Science Foundation Graduate Fellow, before relocating to Australia in 1988. He has worked as a consultant in many industries, but has focused on the health care industry for over 20 years.

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