Local applicants

Application Process

  1. Read all information available on our website, so that you are aware of the dates and deadlines, the selection process and other important details. You can navigate to each page using the menu on the right-hand side. The pages available are:


  1. Apply for and sit UCAT ANZ (University Clinical Aptitude Test for Australia and New Zealand).
  2. Start your application on the Medicine Application Portal (MAP). Once you have started your application, you will receive an e-mail containing your password (receipt). This will allow you to log back in and work on your application. You must ensure that you have completed and submitted your application by the deadline. Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted under any circumstances.
    Remember that we do not select applicants for interview based on the details provided on the application form. However, some of the information you provide will be passed on to interviewers prior to your interview for their consideration.
  3. Complete the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) application by the closing date.
  4. Attend the Medicine interview (by invitation only).
  5. Wait for the outcome of your application. The final ranking of applicants will be completed in January and a list of selected students will be sent to UAC. If you are accepted, your offer will be available through your UAC account.
  6. Accept or decline your offer online as instructed.
  7. Selected applicants will receive UNSW Medicine welcome e-mail with full instructions for enrolment, NSW Health requirements, timetabling etc.
  8. Enrol in your courses.
  9. Pay your tuition fees or get a student loan.


Admission process special admission schemes

Additional/different steps may need to be taken by applicants that apply under one of our special admission schemes. Additional information and deadlines are available in our Special Admission Schemes section.


Information for non-NSW/ACT applicants

Since implementing an interview as part of the selection process, UNSW Medicine's experience is that the preference for almost all interstate applicants is to enter a medical school in their home state. Most non-NSW/ACT applicants apply to UNSW Medicine just in case they are not offered a place in a medical school closer to home. As a result, fewer than 5% of interstate applicants who attend an interview eventually enrol in our course.


To save interstate applicants from the very significant time and expense of travelling to Sydney for an interview, applicants who live outside of New South Wales or Australian Capital Territory are usually not interviewed until late January.


The process we have developed allows an interstate applicant to have the opportunity to have UNSW Medicine as a preference, and to attend an interview at UNSW should they not be offered a place in their home state medical school.


The process works as follows:

  • NSW/ACT applicants are selected for the December interview round immediately after release of their ATAR.
  • NSW/ACT applicants are ranked and offers are released through UAC in the first available offer round in January.
  • IB/Interstate/overseas applicants are selected based on their ATAR (or equivalent) and UCAT ANZ in early January (as soon as all results are available). Applicants whose academic result/UCAT ANZ combination is above the UNSW main round cut-off will be invited to an interview.
  • The outcome of the first round of offers for places in interstate medical schools will be known around mid-January.
  • Applicants who were selected for an interview at UNSW will have a chance to come  for an interview in late-January if they still wish to continue with their application.


Applicants interviewed in late-January will be subject to exactly the same interview and selection process as those interviewed earlier. If the results of their interview, together with their academic and UCAT ANZ results, exceed the cut-off that was required for entry into UNSW Medicine in the main round of offers, they will be offered a place in UNSW Medicine program in the late round of offers (UNSW Medicine puts places aside for these late round offers).


It must be stressed that applicants interviewed in late-January will not be disadvantaged in any way in this process.


Late exam results

Applications cannot be considered for entry if results are not made available to UAC by 7 January in the year where students commence their studies with us.

The reason for the need for this deadline is to allow main round offers to be finalised and also to determine interstate interviewees for the late January round of interviews. It is usually the case that the only students adversely affected by this deadline for results are students who sit one of the "A" Level examinations and university students with unresolved exam results. We will do our best to consider these applicants, but cannot guarantee it.