International applicants

Students are selected on the basis of the following three criteria:

Academic merit + ISAT + Interview

Using the above three parameters, all students are ranked. Applicants are selected based on the highest rank determined by all three measures. Scores will not be averaged, which means that a high score in one of the three components will not compensate for a lower score in another.

Academic merit

Secondary School students / High School students

Please check the Undergraduate Entry Table available on UNSW International entry requirements website for academic eligibility based on your qualification.


UNSW Foundation Studies students

UNSW Foundation Studies is an alternative pathway for entry. The program is up to one year in length and prepares students for the academic demands of studying at UNSW, including studying in the Medicine program.

The minimum academic score required for consideration for entry into Medicine is a GPA of 9.0 via the Life Sciences Stream for students completing the UNSW Foundation Course.

UNSW Medicine will only consider foundation results from the ‘Group of Eight’ (G08) Universities. If you have completed your foundation studies at a university other than the G08, you would need to complete at least one full-time year of tertiary study before we consider your application.


University students and graduates

Applicants who will have completed one year or more of tertiary studies at undergraduate level by the end of the year preceding their potential start in the Medicine program will be assessed on the basis of both their final high school / secondary school results and tertiary study results,combined at a ratio of 50:50. Applicants will be required to attain an academic rank equivalent to 96.00 or above.

Applicants who will have completed less than 0.75 full-time equivalent study at tertiary level by the end of the year preceding their potential start in the Medicine program will be assessed only on the basis of their final secondary school / final high school qualification.



The International Student Admission Test (ISAT) is a general aptitude test which measures critical reasoning and quantitative reasoning. It is a 3-hour test which is delivered at test centres around the world. Testing is available in pre-determined test cycles. You can find the dates on our Important Dates page.

All international applicants are required to sit ISAT. For further information about ISAT, to locate a test centre and to register for the test, visit the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) website. The minimum ISAT score considered is 150.



The interview is semi-structured and covers a wide range of relevant issues. Interviews commence in April of the year preceding commencement in the Medicine program and are offered either via Skype, telephone or face-to-face.

Interviews can be offered based on predicted or actual academic merit and eligible ISAT score.

An interview cannot take place until the applicant has submitted the UNSW Medicine Application Form (MAP).

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