UNSW Medicine's thematic approach to research draws on the strengths of UNSW Medicine as well as internal and external partners to achieve significant breakthroughs in crucial areas of healthcare.

Infectious Disease, Immunity and Inflammation

Initiatives and funding

Triple I Key Program Dates

  • Secondment / Exchange program grants: Now Open
  • Secondment grants close: 1 Nov 2019
  • SPHERE Annual Review Meeting: 7 Nov 2019
  • POCT Collaborative Workshop convened: Feb 2020


Current initiatives in place to support research include:

  • Triple I Clinical Academic Group (CAG) Secondment / Exchange Program
    The Triple I CAG supports capacity building and networking across the SPHERE partnership. Placements and exchange are an opportunity to promote network development and researcher training by linking partner organisations, health districts and clinical/laboratory environments. Grants of up to $5,000, supported by a detailed budget, are available for secondment / exchange.

    Applications are now open.

    Please contact Rebekah Puls with any questions.

  • Triple I CAG Seed grant scheme
    Each year, four grants of $75,000 are available. These funds support development and nurturing of broad research collaborations across the Triple I CAG. Projects are expected to focus on building novel programs and solutions or transforming existing research across disparate organisational/geographical hubs into a new, harmonised entity. Unsuccessful seed grants are eligible for other forms of support from the Triple I CAG, including grant preparation support or leverage funds for external funding applications above $2M , as well as philanthropic exposure. Applications are reviewed by an external grant review panel prior to the award being made.

    Seed grants open in March and close in August, with awardees notified in September of each year. Please contact Rebekah Puls with any questions.

  • Collaboration and Big Ideas workshops
    An increased focus on collaboration in research will facilitate larger research projects that leverage the local landscape and add value over and above pre-existing initiatives and capabilities. Workshops are held that incorporate experts to facilitate and provide independent advice in the development of big ideas. If you have a Big Idea, please complete the attached form and send it to Rebekah Puls, who will seek review through the Executive Committee to take the idea forward.

    Applications are always open.

  • Networking support
    We are developing visibility of the research workforce across the SPHERE partnership. An enabling platform – the UNSW-SPHERE CRM – is in development to facilitate this. If you are looking for individuals or groups with specific skills or interests, we are also happy to assist where possible.