UNSW Medicine's thematic approach to research draws on the strengths of UNSW Medicine as well as internal and external partners to achieve significant breakthroughs in crucial areas of healthcare.

Infectious Disease, Immunity and Inflammation


The UNSW Medicine Infectious Disease, Immunity and Infection Theme and SPHERE Triple I Clinical Academic Group (CAG) are merged to streamline governance and administration so that we can focus on supporting research.

Professor Anthony Kelleher is Principal of the Infectious Disease, Immunity and Inflammation Theme and Lead of the Triple I CAG. He is an immunopathologist at St Vincent’s Hospital, Program Head, Immunovirology and Pathogenesis Program, The Kirby Institute and the Senior Vice Dean Research, UNSW Medicine. 

Professor Kelleher chairs the Executive Committee that also includes Professor William Rawlinson (NSW Health Pathology, SESLHD) and Professor Nicholas Shackel (SWSLHD, Ingham Institute for Applied Medical Research) to ensure alignment with our healthcare partner priorities. Professor Chris Goodnow (The Garvan Institute for Medical Research) and Professor Liz Harry (ithree institute, UTS) complete the leadership group that aims to foster innovation, focusing on work with major impact on human health. 

Our Strategic Advisory Group includes leadership from clinicians, academics and others from across the SPHERE network who are experienced in knowledge translation and implementation of evidence into clinical practice ensuring projects are designed and conducted to realise uptake and impact. Each SPHERE partner is shadowed by an early or mid-career researcher, to broaden their experience in research strategy and implementation. Committee members participate widely in state, national and international activities and agencies.

Strategic priorities with defined objectives provide the framework for our activities.