Impact - Neuroscience


Our researchers are internationally recognised and have led large collaborative research efforts that have resulted in changes in national and international guidelines and policy in many of our areas. We are committed to ensuring our research is informed by the needs of the communities we serve and our partner health care providers.

Key clinical researchers in the Mindgardens collaboration have been shaping global policy around mental health and substance abuse. Mindgardens is a leader in a comprehensive range of cohort studies, clinical trials, health services and public health research that have shaped national and international clinical practice.

Our insights into the basic mechanism of disease in dementia around amyloid function has led to further clinical research and treatment. We have undertaken a range of innovative and internationally impactful work on approaches to tackling cognitive decline.

We are an international leader in developing approaches to mood and anxiety disorders, and are pioneering novel neurostimulation techniques as innovative treatments for depression, for example transcranial direct current stimulation (TDCS).

Our research into schizophrenia and related psychoses is strong and it is a Mindgardens priority to establish a state-wide tertiary referral service for people with complex psychotic disorders who are not responding to standard clinical care.

We are also making an impact in research into trauma, eating disorders, workplace health and wellbeing, neuromuscular disorders, pain management and neurorehabilitation.