Research and Professional Skills Training

At UNSW Medicine, we provide Higher Degree Research candidates with training in academic and professional skills to prepare them for their future careers.

UNSW Medicine HDR Peer Mentoring Program

UNSW Medicine runs a peer mentoring program to

  • support first year candidates from their first steps in a new context to their confirmation review
  • provide 2nd to 4th year candidates with essentials skills required to transition into your career following HDR.

Career Transition Workshops

The Faculty runs one-day career transition workshops and short seminars for 2nd, 3rd and 4th year candidates to equip candidates with essential skills required inside and outside of academia.

Interaction with Industry

Candidates at UNSW have the opportunity to apply for

Please contact the GRS for further information and to find out how to apply for the above programs.

3 Minute Thesis Competition (3MT)

A critical skill for any researcher is being able to communicate your work and present its importance to different audiences. The 3 Minute Thesis combines both these aspects.

In the lead up to the UNSW 3MT, your school and the Faculty run 3MT heats from June to August every year. It is highly recommended that you check out the 3 Minute Thesis Development Series: Webinar & Workshops to prepare your presentation.

Here is what the 2018 global 3MT winner Jonathan Berengut, HDR candidate from UNSW Medicine, thought about his 3MT experience:

“The most surprising thing about the development series was probably learning what not to do. There were a whole bunch of pitfalls which, in hindsight, were obvious. That said, if I didn’t have these spelt out to me, I definitely would have done many of these things.”

Read more about Jonathan Berengut here.

Researcher Development Unit

The Researcher Development Unit (RDU) offers workshops and events for researchers to support skills training, opportunities to acquire experience and to develop career readiness.

HDR Extend

HDR Extend is a resource to navigate your higher degree by research candidature at UNSW and career options beyond, developed by the Researcher Development Unit.


UNSW Library Research consultations connect researchers to the information and skills needed to support their research, have specific research queries answered, locate relevant information tools and develop research strategies tailored to individual or group needs.

Stats Central

Stats Central is able to offer free consulting services to HDR candidates. They can provide you with advice on the design of your study - preferably from the beginning! Short courses and monthly seminars are also on offer.

The Learning Centre

The Learning Centre offers academic skills support to all UNSW HDR candidates.

Careers and Employment

Careers and Employment provides guidance and practical tools in how you can implement your research skills in industry and academic positions.