About the Master of  Women’s Health Medicine at UNSW

The UNSW Master of Women’s Health Medicine is a 1-year full-time (2-years part-time) degree that offers a broad education in the expanding and diverse field of practice that characterises contemporary women’s healthcare. This degree encompasses the timely provision of sexual and reproductive care at all ages, as well as covering pre-pregnancy and pregnancy care. You’ll also learn to address the management of female-specific conditions and malignancies from experts in their fields.  

This degree was created in response to feedback from students enrolled in the Master of Reproductive Medicine who indicated an interest in a postgraduate degree offering a broader range of Women’s Health courses, delivered within the same flexible learning environment. This highly popular postgraduate degree is likely to be most useful to family physicians, sexual health physicians, gynaecologists, nurses, midwives and medical scientists.  

We also offer this degree program as a Graduate Certificate for those who wish to increase their knowledge in specific areas of study. Credit for courses completed as part of the Graduate Certificate can later be transferred to the Master's program.  

Why Study Master of Women’s Health Medicine

The Master of Women’s Health Medicine is delivered entirely online, so you can combine postgraduate study with ongoing employment in your current field. The courses within the degree program have been specifically developed to provide a practice-based approach to this field of study. Modules for the degree are drawn from our experienced staff working at the School of Women’s & Children’s Health, in conjunction with colleagues from relevant disciplines. All courses within the Master of Women’s Health program take a practice-based approach to the delivery of content. 

Our expert clinical and academic staff aim to provide you with the skills required to deliver the highest standard of clinical care to your patients and clients. The extensive publication record of our staff showcases the quality and expertise of our team. Our academic staff have broad range of clinical interests, including obstetrics, gynaecology, reproductive and sexual medicine, oncology, psychology, epidemiology and medico-legal advocacy.  

The Postgraduate Board of the School of Women’s and Children’s Health at UNSW Sydney is responsible for supervising the process of continuous updates to the various modules, ensuring that the teaching resources reflect current clinical standards. 

You’ll gain demonstrable skills and knowledge which will allow you to enhance your present practice. The course is relevant to:  

  • General practitioners  
  • Those working in a Family Planning setting  
  • Obstetrician Gynaecologists - particularly those in training 
  • Sexual Health Physicians & Nurses 
  • Midwives 
  • Biological scientists   

What Our  Graduates Say  

“I thoroughly enjoyed studying the Master online at UNSW … a wide variety of subjects are offered and I found the subjects relevant to my work as a GP… the course was easy to navigate online… I am happy to say that I have been impressed by this course and UNSW.” 

Rimona Burke  
General Practitioner 

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