About the Master of  Reproductive Medicine at UNSW

The UNSW Master of Reproductive Medicine is a 1-year full-time (2-years part-time) degree that will give you an advanced understanding of reproductive medicine and the ethical, social and professional knowledge required to provide clinical care to patients.  

Reproductive medicine is at the forefront of medico-scientific technology, offering hope and clinical support to many people trying to have a child. There is a growing number of practitioners who are specialising in this area. As a specialist in Reproductive Health you’ll have the opportunity to explore careers as a GP, a family planning practitioner or a specialist gynaecologist working in menopause and infertility. You can also specialise in nursing and counselling or as a biological scientist.  

The Master of Reproductive Medicine has a proven track record in providing exceptional postgraduate level education across all subjects related to the study of reproductive medicine. You’ll gain the knowledge, skills and values necessary to further your career. The program is also available as a Graduate Certificate and a Graduate Diploma.  

Why Study Reproductive Medicine

Studying the Master of Reproductive Medicine will give you a better understanding of the challenges and issues surrounding sexual and reproductive health around the world. Complications with HIV/STIs, infertility and unplanned pregnancy are consistent health issues that require addressing through new reproductive technologies and specialised professionals. This program is delivered fully online, so you can combine postgraduate study with ongoing employment in your current field in a flexible learning environment. 

Our graduates demonstrate the essential skills needed within the workplace, developing effective communication to deliver information to both specialist and non-specialist audiences. You’ll gain the necessary skills to address the sensitive issues surrounding reproductive health and discuss solutions in a range of professional and social contexts. 

Specialise Your Interest With Practical Clinical Skills

This degree program consistently receives excellent feedback for course content and teaching methods. We provide practical relevance in this degree, preparing you to pursue a career in reproductive medicine armed with specialist knowledge and advanced clinical skills. The degree program suits clinicians, fertility nurses, embryologists, researchers and complementary medicine practitioners, along with representatives from the pharmaceutical industry and other healthcare-associated disciplines.  

Your Career Opportunities

 You’ll gain demonstrable skills and knowledge which will allow you to enhance your present practice. The course is relevant to: 

  • Fertility medicine 
  • HIV medicine 
  • Psychosexual therapy 
  • Reproductive medicine 
  • Sexual health counselling, medicine and nursing 
  • Women’s health  
  • Embryology  
  • Reproductive technology 

What Our  Graduates Say  

“On the completion of the Master, you would expect a clearer understanding of the science, ethics and clinical application surrounding Reproductive Medicine. Personally, I found this course to be a pertinent platform in my career thus far. I would highly recommend this course to my newly graduate medical colleagues and other junior (and not-so-junior) doctors.”  

Dave Listijono, O&G Registrar 


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