Cultural and Linguistic Diversity

Champions: Lisa Maher

UNSW Medicine is comprised of an incredibly diverse group of people. The Faculty is strongly committed to the need for respect and acceptance of cultural diversity and to work to ensure that we provide a culturally inclusive environment for our students and staff by allowing them to freely express who they are, their opinions and points of view; fully participate in teaching, learning, work and social activities; and feel safe from abuse, harassment or unfair criticism.


As a culturally inclusive Faculty we believe individual students can participate fully in class, aim to study better, aim to achieve better academic results, experience less stress and have enhanced career prospects; all staff can interact more fully with other staff and students, and can extend and develop their own cultural awareness; and the Faculty benefits from culturally diverse staff and students through exposure to alternative perspectives and experiences.


Action Plan

To be completed.

Other Priority Areas


Medicine Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee