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Key Contacts 

Schools, Centres, Institute Contacts Email contact for School Conjoints Phone contact for School Conjoints
Centre for Big Data  Research in Health 9385 0645
Centre for Primary Health Care & Equity 9385 1547/8402
National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre (NDARC) 9385 0287
Prince of Wales Clinical School 9382 8879
Rural Clinical School  6580 7536
School of Medical Sciences 9385 2577
School of Psychiatry 9385 7443
School of Public Health and Community Medicine 9385 3811
School of Women's and Children's Health 9382 5500
South Western Sydney Clinical School 8738 3844
St George & Sutherland Clinical School 9113 4289/2992
St Vincent's Clinical School 8382 2354
The Kirby Institute  9385 0982

Medical Research Institutes

Conjoint applicants from the MRIs as below should consider the most appropriate School/Centre/Institute through which to apply.

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