We have made significant advances in the basic sciences and are recognised for our clinical expertise and leadership.

Our clinicians and researchers collaborate through the Cancer Institute NSW Translational Cancer Research Centres (TCRC), helping to accelerate implementation of research findings into clinical practice and to increase the research productivity and quality of clinicians.

We are leaders in running clinical trials, including Australia’s first Molecular Screening and Trials study in rare cancers, the first medicinal cannabis study and other large-scale investigator-driven international Phase 2/3 studies.

Through the Garvan’s Illumina XTen facility, which is unique in the Southern Hemisphere, we are discovering new genes associated with cancer risk and progression that will lead to preventative and therapeutic targets.

We host outstanding clinical facilities that deliver complex services to difficult and rare cancer cases and are involved in the global fight for cancer control through involvement with United Nations agencies such as the World Health Organization and the International Atomic Energy Agency.