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We offer one-of-a-kind study options taught by industry leaders that embrace critical thinking together with hands-on and real-world clinical experience. Study at UNSW is your opportunity to join a collaborative community at the forefront of modernising medicine. 

Start your medical career journey at an undergraduate level with one of our award-winning and world-class degrees. You’ll gain the theoretical understanding and the practical experience needed to launch your career as a medical professional.  

Expand your medical knowledge and expertise with our postgraduate degrees. We offer degrees in Forensic Mental Health, Health Data Science, Pharmaceutical Medicine, Public Health and Community Medicine and more. 

Higher Degree Research places you alongside leading researchers who are breaking through the frontiers of modern medicine. With our state-of-the-art facilities, superior partnerships and research-focused community, you’ll be part of the future of healthcare.  

Use our search tool to find the right degree for you. Search over 50 degrees at the undergraduate and postgraduate level and get ready to launch your career as a leading medical professional or researcher. 

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Our Research

Our discoveries transform the landscape of health, leading to breakthrough cures, therapies, interventions, and policies. Learn more about our research themes, our growing capacities, centres, institutes and partnerships.

Our focuses and strengths are reflected across and beyond four research themes at UNSW Medicine & Health. These are areas where we lead and excel, where we can best improve the lives of everyday patients.

Our researchers advance medicine and health as they respond to and solve urgent problems. Together, we help eliminate health disparities and continuously foster social well-being.

UNSW Medicine is committed to improving the delivery of healthcare and outcomes for all. A key focus of our research is seeking to understand why health inequities occur and the interventions we can implement to improve healthcare in disadvantaged groups.

We’re investing in critical enabling capabilities, special populations and clinical settings to grow our research activities and give our researchers an edge in their fields of expertise. 

Our most successful activities are undertaken in partnership with UNSW faculties, other universities, medical research institutes and government. Explore our partnerships to discover how we collaborate and generate impact within the community. 

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Student Life 

At UNSW Medicine, student life is vibrant and diverse. We’re here to support your education and career journey as well as your social life at university. Hearing from our students is the best way to gain insight into study and campus life at UNSW. Check out our medicine student society, peer mentoring programs, student resources and more. 

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UNSW Precincts 

UNSW Precincts deliver initiatives of significant societal impact through developing collaborative spaces to drive development in healthcare, innovation, education and research. We partner with government and business on a number of projects to lead strategic direction for active and emerging precincts. 

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