UNSW Medicine is one of the great research focused medical schools in Australia.  As a member of the Australian Group of 8 research-intensive universities and the international Universitas 21 grouping, UNSW is rightly proud of its national and international research profile which, in recent years, has seen a spectacular rise in competitive funding to support its world class research.  UNSW Medicine is at the forefront of UNSW’s research profile.

We take a strategic view of research and aim to focus our resources on identified areas of research excellence.  These are:

Brain Sciences information
Brain Sciences

Cancer Research information
Cancer Research

Infection, Immunity, Inflammation information

Blood cells

Policy and Practice Interface in Health Care information
Policy and Practice Interface in Health Care

UNSW researchers are pre-eminent in brain sciences and neuroscience research. They also are the leading research groups in cardiovascular disease and research related to infection and immunity in the area of hepatitis-C, HIV and AIDS. Combining research into both adult and childhood cancer is a major strength of the university and it occupies a novel position in relationship to this research at an international level. Establishment of the Australian Institute for Health Innovation has positioned us as a leading institute internationally in relationship to cutting-edge research on the interface between healthcare policy and practice. A significant emerging area of research strength involves crucial research into indigenous health issues.


The diverse range of both stimulating and novel research programs available provides many opportunities for postgraduate study. Such programs are currently being conducted at the UNSW campus in Kensington as well as its Clinical Schools, Centres and Research Institutes.

Research Integrity

Research Integrity is UNSW’s committment to creating and maintaining an environment that promotes responsible research conduct. Information regarding policies and procedures can be found on the UNSW Research website.

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Need Help? who to contact in MRSU

The Medicine Research Support Unit helps researchers and students with projects, funding and supervision of research in UNSW Medicine.

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